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I was on the highway doing about 100km an hour and needed to exit by giving it more gas to exit safely and at that split second it stalled. Got it towed home. Something is telling me that this engine does not want to ...
What is the problem? How much will it cost to fix? I just spent 356 to replace the water pump.
There is a chirping sound that comes from the valve cover. It starts when the vehicle is cold, then when I accelerate, it gets louder, but once the engine warms up, it goes away and does not come back until the vehic...
the alternator and starter are in good condition. What is the problem?
When in O/D if you slow down it is kicking in to city drive. Does it when engine in warm, highway driving
You run it for 20 minutes and dies I changed the crank sensor ,cam sensor fuel pump And it don't drow any obd codes still shutting down and last seen the head lights turn on by them self
The ABS kicks in at 10 MPH or less. It happens every time I brake at slow speeds. If you apply too much pressure to the pedal when the problem is occuring, the pedal goes to the floor, and the brakes will lock up. ...
drain oil an change filter still no move
change rear brakes try to put in reverise would not move
Will not start, when valve is pressed no fuel sprays out