The 15 amp fuse keeps blowing. I found a bare wire and fixed it but not certain that was problem. I would like a diagram on all fuses and the proper area it's for?

ABS light on, hooked up my ABS reader and it says can't communicate, check connections and make sure key is on.
Even tried my Superchips to set for tire size, same message can't communicate. Why can't my readers communicate, and to what module?

Vehicle also stalls and sputters ,dies,won't start

Bought a new Jeep Cherokee Limited in 2001, its been well except for few repairs in the past 3-4 years. Lately, there is a whirring noise every time I accelerate and it is continuous, as though it is coming up for air...heaving breathing noise.
And, it makes noise when I turn steering to the right or left when making a turn.

This is a 2001 entire Front Dana 30 replacement for my 2000 Cherokee as on mine the Coil spring saddle rotted completely off. Now I find the drivers side steering knuckle is frozen and will not turn.

This is a New England vehicle, 103,000 miles. A welder I know is concerned there is not enough "meat" left on the axle housing to weld. I haven't tried brushing or grinding it to verify. A found a company that makes a replacement part, but they have not responded to my email's about delivery. Everything else is fine. It will need new shocks all around.

I have an engine starting problem. To my surprise it starts normal for a cold start. However when I switch off the engine after a drive of 30 to 40 km approx., and try starting it, the engine is like it is stuck when I turn the key for the first time, the engine starts only when I turn the key for the second time.
Thanks in advance.