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I have low oil pressure when idling
Im a mail carrier and i get to same spot onmy rt when its warmer out and jeep wont re start. I have to wait for apprx an hour til gas smell subsides and then it will idle rough but finally start running right. Only ha...
Start. Looks like a key with line through it in top right corner of cluster
I replaced the door distribution panels but to no avail
Might a vacuum leak be the cause ? Looking for ideas / possible things to look for. Any ideas ? Of course it's winter. Thanks' to all who reply ! Happy 2015 !
It seems to only happen when the Jeep is cold, someone told me it is my struts, that am bone to bone but would this make that sound?
and will Not Move onlyon reverse, and Dash shakes! Hope its not the Engine!
I replace all 3 solenoids, oil, filter, output speed sensor, input speed sensor,spedometer doesn't work. Engine lt code P0756. Can some one help Plz.