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acceleration when i'm drive in it I need help what to look for and how to fix it please
is this the range sensor and if so can it be cleaned or does it need replaced?
Also it has over size tires which rub the fender do I need a lift kit or will a good pair of shocks do the trick ????
When I try to put my jeep in 4wheel high,it just grinds and does not engage,but I can drop it all the way down into 4wheel low and it goes right in w/o grinding and engages right,what wrong?
I took my car to another repair shop to have the heater core fixed. When I got it back, my remote wouldn't open the doors anymore. The light inside turns on, but the doors don't unlock. What's the problem? I'm not hav...
My jeep is throwing a po705 code the neutral safty switch but it still starts in park and neutral but I don't have back up lights in trying to find a bad wire or something does anyone have a suggestions or know the oh...
replaced the battery, cables, distributor cap, plugs, alternator, fuel pump and filter and still having the problem. Ill be driving and it just shuts off, let off the gas and it starts itself right back up. Any Ideas??
I used to hear a door in the dash closing when the a/c was on for a few minutes. Air would come out the dash vents properly on start up and after a block or two the door would close and the a/c would increase in fan s...