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Can't it just be welded if the crack is small?
Ac serving ads state $49.00 to service a/c systems. Why are the estimates here over $200?
How much to replace an exhaust manifold on my jeep? It was just replaced 4 years ago, shouldn't they last a bit longer?
Changed the coil.. Still nothing. Iv got power at the coil and distributor. But no spark coming from the coil. I was told if it was the cps at fault the fuel pump wouldn't kick on. But it does.please help
Transmission seems to be in high gear all the time.
Automatic transmission. Replaced fuel pump about three months ago. No codes. Hard long starts and have to give a little gas to start up also, has been jumping and hesitating on take offs and turns when fuel gauge read...
I have changed out all the sensors. Then if you shut the jeep off and start it again it will go away for a little while.
Also the fuel pump its dead. I checked all fuses and all are in good chape. Can it be the computer?
Ever since i bought my jeep the front fans/blowers dont work just the defrost works. Thats the only place that heat and some what air comes out of. And its getting to hot now to be riding around with no air and a 8mon...
would the computer stop the jeep from getting spark to fire it has 3 places for plug in pcm,ecm,ecu