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has died while driving on freeway, roads, etc. Turns over, but dies...help!!!
when I drive it they start to rattle again until the transmission changes gears,the higher the rpm the louder the rattle gets.
Also been hearing a little groaning from power Steering when real cold
can you tell me how often should I replace spark plugs--how many miles
drive but shut off at lights/slowing down, sometimes feels like it wanted to take off even when foot on brake. when it shut off, able to turn back on. engine light would come on at times. began a few months ago, hap...
i have changed the alternator in my 1993 Jeep Cherokee Sport at least 15 times since it was new to 2009. What is the major malfunction in my Jeep?
We have replaced the waterpump, freezeplugs, thermostat(several times) electric fan motor, and put in a new radiator. All I have left to replace is the heater core. My boyfriend says there is something cicular that co...
What is the best to replace the alernater
We believe we need a new front differential on a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee..wondering what this may intell as far as labor(# of hours) and also the price of a used front differential? thanks
just need to know where the oil pump on a 93 jeep cherokee is located and what other parts I have to take off along with the oil pump??
when I turn on heater or ac this roaring noise sounds. it evan sceaches at times.
How can I check to make sure the heat light comes on in case the engine heats up.If i take the wire off the sender unit by the thermostat the engine light comes on not the heat light.