have no blow back at oil fill cap. motor has 265,000

Went out yesterday and it will not turn over. Replaced spark plugs along with
router and cap and am getting g a spark. I am thinking maybe fuel pump.......

and besides the water pump is there any place else it would leak water from in the front of the block

Replace the brake booster in a Jeep Laredo and I am not able to adjust the intermediate push rod on the brake booster.

The screws go in the holes but slip right out again.

I'm unable to close the gate.

Just dont wanna start

How do i change my steering shaft

I went out to start my car and my security system keeps coming on, and running my battery down. I can't get my car started even after charging my battery, so I need to deactivate the security system.

It started making a scraping kind of noise which I thought sounded like my brakes; then a rattling noise that got progressively worse. Now the part time idiot light comes on, so I assume it's going into 4x4 by itself. Is it the transfer case and how difficult (and expensive) to fix?

I am looking to have my 91 jeep fixed.It leaks oil from the pan which is dented real bad so i need a new one and the rear main seal.How much should that cost at a shop

the jeep was driven 40 mile and overheated. i waasn't driving.. had head replaced due to crack. one piston all rings. . still opne cylinder registering presssure 35. do you think the block is cracked? how much is a new engine going to cost or maybe even a used engine? thanks

Bought a used Jeep Cheokee larado the abs pump is out or going out . I know they had a recall on this model but it was replaced in this jeep in1997 . Shouldn't they replace it again

When opening my automatic driver window I heard a pop and the window slid into the door. I pulled it back up and now have it taped closed. The motor sounds like it's working. I think just the cable broke. Can I replace just the cable? Or do I have to buy a new regulator and motor?