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when going up a hill it feel like a turtle . but when I hold the pedal down it take off like jet
I was wondering what gas mileage i will have and the power I can expect. Plus the same thing if I were to lift it 3 inches and go from 27's to 29's. Thank you
And is it possible to test speedometer cable from transfer case by turning the gear manually ? Also if there is no movement on the gauge how than can you determine if the cable or gauge is bad ?
I read that online somewhere. Is this true?
Replaced because of squealing by a friend. But they still squeak.
Failed the HC GPM. 3.7797 Limit 3.0000 Failed CO GPM 57.8648 Limit 25.0000 Before test I had spark plugs, spark plug wires, cap and rotor, new air filter, changed oil, and new oil filter.
My jeep is actually a 1987,I removed all the oil pan bolts but i cant get the pan free ,i tried to pry on one corner but it wont budge does anyone have an idea, it must have permatex on it.
It will turn over like it wants to start, but will not start.
does the rubber nipple need to be on the end of the rod
Vehical starts and then dies right away, doe not matter it you put your foot an the gas or not. Im sure it is the fuel pump but one guy at the parts store says its a mechanical pump and another says its in the gas tank.