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reservoir for hydraulic fluid is only about half full. How do I replenish/replace the fluid? ( Believe this failure doesn't make the latch connection drive the rear windows back up.)
most options wont work . but all fuses good and runs great
i tried to put my top down; the rear windows went down, but the motor seemed sluggish and i didn't want to force things, so i stopped. i don't trust dealers. who in sandiego/santee area could i go to to get it fixed...
The car starts stalls and then shuts off. The rpm doesn't go pass 1
Repairman says Low compression (50) blown cylinder valve.$3500 to fix. Any other suggestions? Car still runs ok once it gfets going but idles very low and rough.
I have the front wheels taken down to the HUB. I have the Hub Nut Socket (specialty item). The problem is that the nut will not budge I have used a 4 foot breaker bar as well as heat and penetrating oil still no luck....
How do I remove the Nut on the back (inside) portion of the hub it looks like a gear.
I have taken the front wheels apart down to the hub the nut on the back of the hub looks like a gear how do I remove it?
how do u remove the lines that connect from the top to the hydrolic pump?
Recently the car goes into "Safe Mode" randomly. Seems to happen when gas tank is less than 1/2 full. At least filling up seems to fix it. Almost complete loss of power. Happened first time after fiance let it get...
2001 jaguar XK8 what are the steps for removing the fuel tank.
where is the fuel pump relay located in the trunk fuse box ? Can't get fuel up to engine fuel rale. checked relay in door fuse box checked out ok. car sat for six month,replace fuel filter drained gas replaced with ne...
Where can i find a free down load of repair manual for jaguar 2001 xk8 ??
Engine turns over, will not start. Replaced filter still no go. Spray engine start in carb and fires right up for a few seconds. If I disconnect filter and turn key on should I get fuel at that point? I am trying to d...