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We have had 2 mechanics look at the problem 2 separate times. They each had different solutions and after spending thousands of dollars the check engine light is on again.
How to re set drivers seat on xk8 jaguar 1999
How to remove fuel injectors from a 1999 jaguar xk8 4 litre. not supercharged.
Engine overheats only on uphill, when running on down hill or flat highway the engine temperature goes back to normal.
none of the electrical works on the door the windows don't work the remote lock don't work nor the mirrors?
My love to my Jag.xk8 are not to break, but the use of petrol, gasoline are devastation. I live in Europe and that make the petrol price in top of the world!! My Jag. use around 17 Lit/100 km minimum and top 20+ lit./...
Search for months for dashboards kits that even include cover for my armrest. The leather is heavy damage after years of resting my arms on it. All dashboard kits include doors and the whole instruments, but what abou...
Airbags are now disabled and it would cost over $800 to figure out the problem. They said the first step is to replace the seatbelt buckle. And then go from there.
Reading from a scanner AXY-AX2500. System too lean. (Air or gasoline??) Cylinder 8 misfire. (Change 1 or all ??) Manufacturer control ignitions system. ?? Ignition coil h-primary secondary circuit malfunction.?? ...
what could cause abs and traction control lights to come on also will have no speedometer on occasion?
cylinder leaks saw wet spot on drivers side rear .under where the lift cylinder is
If that does not cause the warning to appear what could be the problem
The coolant is being forced out of the expansion tank and then runs very low to the point of overheating the engine. The plugs and coils have been replaced. The compression of all cylinders checks OK. The idle is roug...
Rotors and pads just changed although it was not needed. What could be the underlying problem?
this happens although the resivior is full. i unplugged the wire to the switch and the light stayed on. so i then put a jumper across the plug and i though that worked. but a few days later it come on again! is this...