I drive a jaguar XK8 1998 convertible. The car is driven often, pretty much every day. There was a hurricane with a lot of rain, and when I got in the car, there was condensation on the inside. The car starts normally but the dashboard lights don't come on, so the car won't shift gears. If I manually make the gears shift I can drive around fine just without a dashboard. Checked all the fuses they are good, and I can make the lights come on so I know they work, its not a problem with the battery either. Any ideas?

Each time I try to close the convertible top, the motor runs extremely slowly and final latching of top is very slow and difficult. I would like a step by step instruction of how to change the fluid in the windshield reservoir.

and dies if i dont keep the gas pedal almost to the floor. I noticed smoke coming from under the motor. Broke please help!!!!

Problem occurs at over 2000 rpm when accelerator is released e.g. when slowing down. Disappears when accelerator depressed again. Gearbox recently overhauled.

50K miles and one owner. Only thing the radio is basic with a tape deck. wonder any stereos that will fit the space so I can listen to CD's and maybe hook up my ipod

Where is problem and how to correct?

which posistion in fuse box under hood on drivers side?

Labeling of fuse posistions

Bought car used horn not working.

after message then get the engine restriction message and improper part installed