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switch adjacent to brake peddle which turns brake lights on/off - I believe it is a plunger type switch which is simply out of alignment.
Have voltage but it won't crank and the starter loks almost impossible to get to.How do I track down this problem. The car was fine when stored it for the winter.Any help appreciated.Thanks
Put my roof down today but now wont go back up. Back windows wont go up and every time I try to press the button it just chimes. I have not found any leaks and this is the first time it has happened to me. Must admit ...
Replaced front speed sensors -lights still on-then replaced rear wheels with ones off front--still on. Pattern is inconsistent--sometimes at starting on-then goes off-but most of time on. Sometimes when not on, will c...
Need shop that understands suspension and can for reasonable cost replace my aluminum subframe and upper control arm bushings. I have parts ready.
what type of fluid does a 1997 xk8 convertible top take ?
my xk8 has been garaged for a year ,had flat battery then charged the car ,start ok but after switching off engine won't restart only when jumpstarted .got sometimes abs and control failure system appearing on dashboa...
car has been garaged for a while ,have charged up battery start sometimes but other time i have got abs and system tration control failure come on dashboard ,will only start when jump started from another car . i hav...
Does the entire transmission have to be replaced? Seems to be common w/ this car. Looking for options and suggestion as to AMCO or the like to do the repair and estimated costs. Thanks in advance.
It has a noisy sound from fan while engine is running!
The cruise control doesn't work either - but I don't care about that. Car only has 74K miles. Now I think the compressor for A/C needs to be replaced.
where do i put the anti frees