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I replaced the 4+ year old battery. Did fine for two months, then battery went down again. 68,000 total miles on odometer. No warning lights or indications of electrical issue. What drains the battery down so fast?
How often should battery in smart key be replaced?
I am trying to get a cold air intake, but I am not sure if the engine space allows it. I was also contemplating just the regular K&N replacement. Any recomendations on a specific brand that you have in yours, as far...
need to jump start car have a flat battery.
What is the process for changing the air filter?
How to replace rear pads? I couldn't compressed the caliper back to separate it from the pads and move the caliper away from the disc
My car is just out of waranty and the dashboard cover melted glue metlted and the dash board is coming apart. They said it would cost $7500 to fix. The car has less than $25,000 miles. This doesn't sound possible. Wha...