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AC at any point (whether hot or cold) will not turn on when the button is activated.
When I use the key to open it, alarms go off. The lid does not latch to close.
Trunk latch on the blink since I forced it to shut with a large box in trunk. Will not open electrically with key fob or interior button. Hard to shut trunk manually. Warning sirens go off when I use the key to ope...
Working backwards: 1)This morning when turning the ignition switch all the dashboard lights flash and the headlights flash along with a clicking noise but the engine won't turn over. 2) Yesterday the warning message...
I had crankshat and water pump and new battery hard to start and will not start
you test the system to locate problem i did hear air escaping at the left rear when car was turned off and i noticed the dust cover is split on the rear shocks
I am trying to replace the ecu on a 2004 xj8 jaguar
my 2004 jaguar xj8 stalled after going through power car wash and then wont start
how do you remove and install new front sway bar bushings
Door was broken off. I have a replacement. Need to know how to get access to mountings
I have a air suspension fault on and the right rear of the car sinks down. Does this mean I need to replace the rear strut?
When you press the adjust button to move the seat up,it only moves slightly