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I'm just wondering if my transmission is shifting correctly; my car registers 2400 rpm at 70 mph; it seems a little high; what should it be? Maybe I'm spoiled by my wife's 2013 XF which is only 1800 rpm at 75 mph!
Hello, there, I have bought a software Mitchell OnDemand 5 Q1.2012 online, the website is recommended by one of my friends, it is www.careucar.com. However, after I installed the software, and click the button of "add...
I have seen in diagrams that you need all these special tools is this correct or can you do it with tools that are normally in your tool box
i lost pwr steering while driving. I checked pwr steering fluid it was good. So what should i do next to determine what wrong
I am told the rear differential is worn and needs to be rebuilt? What is the part and how much? It absolutely must be done as there is a grinding noise and oil leaking. I initially thought it was back brakes.
Hi guys, I cant get my sunroof to close, and I cant find my owners manual either. Any ideas for the sunroof? thanks! -Randy
There are special tools or tool mechanics need to remove, and replace wheel bearings on jaguars.