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I just gave it a tune up and replaced the ABS censor ?
Happens every time is used, do not know if it will cool or sweat it
I parked my car yesterday and then tried to start it and it would only run for a few seconds and it ran rough those few seconds. The check engine light and battery light was on during those few seconds. I don't know...
engine light on all the time. Restrictive performance goes on and off.
What would be the first thing to do before starting
I have a 1999 Jaguar xj8. it runs perfectly with no loss of power or indication of engine problems. However every few weeks I am having to top up the coolant with coolant low indications. I cannot see a leak, could th...
I replaced the lights on my car,with no reaction so i checked all the relay,after i pulled all the relayies nothing happen,i played with the switch and the lights started to work,the low beam works,but thare is a low ...
I have since disconnected the shifter cable at the tranny. The Shifter on the console wont move. How hard is it to change the shifter cable/shifter itself. Is this a common problem??
transmission has small leak on drivers side axel
how can I get the book that originally comes with the car