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112,000 miles - just bought and less than 100 miles engine light is on- something about cams, expensive? Also AC goes on then quits? Getting full diagnostic test on Monday. Any suggestions?
I turn my air on and it gets cold and then it stops for a while and starts back. My right front window botton Is not engaging. Can my remote be fixed?
I have had it changed twice in the past 5 months.
Do the transmission and differential fluids and filters need to be changed at 49000 miles?
Upon removal of negetive battery cable to clean post and clamp, a small connector appeared out of nowhere. It sits at the end two green wires and has a small green horeshoe shape on the connection face. I've looked ...
Average price for brake job?
my jag just turned 30000 miles i was told all the coolent hoses have to be replaced the car just turned 3 years old. i was quoted 2,2oo dollers i have looked at them my self they are flexable shinny and look and feel ...
had the transmission and transgear box changed. now the car drives forward, but when you put it in reverse it jumps and won't reverse. HELP, is there a reset button to reset the system? or is there something else tha...
transmission & transgear box was changed and now the car slowly jumps forward & backwards, won't drive. Is there a reset button that needs to be reset?