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not sure if it's front brakes or the rear brakes its a Jaguar 2005 expired model are there and basically there is too much air and I put sim brake fluid. 3 in there and pump the brakes but it still goes down to the fl...
Seems to go away after car is driven at for awhile
My engine light turned on and the heat indicator light turned on shortly after. How do I fix this issue?
do not experience jerking when accelerating normally or slowly
Average maintenence costs for 2005 Jaguar x-type 60,000 and 90-100,000 miles with no added costs
They turn but wont go in. Do they screw in or push in?
sometime the sport mode switch lights, and other times it does not, checked switch is ok
my car is making a crunching sound and it seems to be coming from the brakes because my abs light has come on. what could be the problem?