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will not start from the ignition switch
Neither inside nor outside latch will open the driver's door. Locking mechanism works manually and with remote. Any ideas on how to open the door and fix the problem?
Working. But fuse are good is there an alternate fix for this problem.
don't have any other info. will be trying starter fluid.
To change the fueltank I have to remove the tank. How to do this? Toft
There is no power engine runs at idle only, Cycle key and system resets and all ok. car has 114k, new trans not rebuilt 4 k ago, feels much more like a relay or harness connection that a hard part problem. where is t...
What issues would I face in replacing the front shocks?
Purchased this vehicle about three(3) years ago(2007)with almost 50,000 miles. Currently vehicle has 82,000 miles. Literally, I drove the car on Monday with no problems, on Tuesday it would not start; had it towed t...
i need the location for the fuse for cigarette lighter. i have checked 2 locations checked 10 volts fuses with no success.