have hard brakes all pads changed

When working on the car where the battery is disconnected or the battery requires a charge the C-2 fuse blows out. Can someone give me a hint as to why and what I can do about it?

The seat motor works when the car door is open, but, will not function when the door or doors are closed.

How do i repair d.t.c.44

Its a Jaguar Vanden Plas. Pull the subframe or try to remove the differential Alone?

fix this myself?

off & it makes a beeping noise every time i try & which also makes my lights blink. How do I get this to stop?

Key goes in fine but car won't turn over. How do you get it to reset for the new key ?

How do you remove and replace the front door seals on a 1991 Jaguar Vanden Plas?

heater blower motor does not seem to work on any setting. i turn on the defrost and the blower motor comes on sometimes for about 20-30seconds. whats my problem and what can i do to fix it to gain additional heater control!