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Want to buy '89 Vanden Plas 131,000 .... Owner states Stall Sensor Light comes on sometimes .... I am researching this problem. Anyone have any stories ?
The car needs a power steering pump. I have been looking at Edmunds.com that tells me the private sale value is $1061, NADA is showing $6k + on the LOW end? Kelley Blue Book wont even go below 1994. Any help on tha...
isnt there some way that i can clamp off the line with clothes line pins to stop it from vapor locking? i was told i could but was never told exact instructions on how to do it .. please help... thank you in advance...
horn, lights, radio etc. work. starter doesn't engage. Seems as if it's not in park. tried neutral and all other positions. No luck
I was thinking af purchasing a 1989 XJ6 VandenPlas. I was told that the brakes don't work. There is fluid in the lines, and the wheels were removed and everything looks ok. Any ideas?
What is the relative cost difference of buying a rebuilt transmission for 1987 jaguar Vanden Plas and paying for installation versus complete repair of shot transmission.
The car will stall out after an hour of driving if the temperature is above 85 degrees. doesn't happen on cooler days. After about 2 hours, it will start again. My suspicion is vapor lock from a weak fuel pump.