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this is now constant. At first it only happened every now again and put the car in park and turning motor off then back on usaully fixed the problem temporarily.
And restricted driving. I just got the car 2 days ago and took it to mechanic and they found rt tail light had a problem that showed up on dash board. Now engine malfunction(amber) has showed up after I have purchased...
lights left on. jump started car. since then parking brake fault light on. tried resetting module no luck.
light . whats needs to be replaced. the whole parkingbrake system or what. took car to shop her in Rochester ny. I mean no one works on jaguars
Can I put the air recirculation button on permanently? It keeps going off every few minutes.
Had new pan and filter installed along with re-programing Still does it. HELP
Car was running fine earlier. Turned car off. About 10 minutes later started car and it was running rough with restricted performance message showing.car stalled and wouldn't start again. Coils and plugs are fine.
I started my car and put it in drive and pressed on gas but the car didn't move. I put the car in park, turned it off and tried to restart. However, the car accessory lights came on but when I moved the key to III, th...