I get these messages as soon as I turn on the key.

I have restricted preforming light and when I give gas it skipping

the performance restricted warning come on with the engine light and red icon light

Car want shift from reverse to other gears, what could be the problem is it with the shifter cable or shifter box?

have pulled back cover but do not see a "bulb" wiring harness or a slotted place for a bulb entry. there are several wiring pathways starting with a horizontal rectacular clip on top with 4 or five wires, more in bottem of cavity
pls help

make a noise like a strong wind.Before that went I was driving the car and I stop and press the gas to continue, I feel an impact like a car was hit my car on the back very strong that happen all the time went I stop and press the gas that happening before the gear problem .

DSC not available
Engine systen fault
Park Brake Fault

My dad did not buy the car new but it is in ecxelant condition. I read about all the lights comming on and I am going to try to change the battery first. My father told me the car just sat for a long time and the battery had to by taken off and charged before it was gone over by a machanic. My dad said he did not know if the battery was original or not when he got the car nor if it was the correct battery. gel or amg. can anyone give me some help. thank you very much, Byron Harding.

I took it to get the climate control module and when I got it back the lights dint work the wipers didn't work the doors don't lock

Also, where can I find a C2032 battery for my car remote lock ?

Oil change did not correct. Tranmission fliud replaced x2weeks ago. Obiously some oil sensor is working, but jaguar service cannot determine cause. Any ideas are appreciated. I will ask for diagnostics codes tomorrow.