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when i changed my belt i drained all the coolant but when i finished i filled it thats when it started to show the warning light
In general, what are the top reasons why a 2002 Jag doesn't pass the smog test?
The screen has been broken and I have a replacement one but can't seem to work out how to get the broken bits of glass with the terminal contacts on, out of the loom to allow me to fit the aerial terminals back on to ...
i need to remove the third brake light from my 2002 s type jaguar
Hello, my Jaguar S-Type 2002 3.0 petrol was fine but after the engine maintenance does not turn off when I turn the key, even if I remove the key. only turns off when I use the brake. The park assist system does n...
It started but I only drove it 50 feet and it shut down.
car has a voice from engine its not crank shaft its behind the engine it gets start and make noise as it starts no vibration just voice and it was running with the voice now car is not going up from 3 rpm.. car engine...
all i know engine oil went down and now making noise during drive and knocking..
is the clutch master cylinder on an s type jag changed from inside the car (by the pedals) or under the bonnet
I have had all eight of them replaced plus thousands in repairs made to no avail. The engine still misses and sometimes completely loses power. The car is essentially unusable like this. It has been an ongoing batt...
my jag is a very good car imported from Dubai and the second owner i need some answers to how i can fix my new fan belt
there is a film on the rear view mirror and it seems like its leaking a little fluid