2001 Jaguar S-Type Questions

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It happens every morning especially if its cold out until engine is at operating temp. Engine light is on an codes say both banks are running below efficiency.

The car wouldn't get into gear so we changed the gearbox. After installation of the new gearbox, a Gearbox fault error came on the dashboard and it doesn't want to clear.

Was driving my car this morning and all of a sudden it got to sputtering just have had the car not even a month yet. When i keep it up to speed its fine but if im at a light stopped its sputters dnt know what the problem is please help no check engine light on the car stays running its just sputtering

The battery had no charge so I removed the battery and had it charge. When I put the battery back into car the radio came on and the radio was on off.

key was made do not have the remote to lock/unlock doors

Does any Jag owners have any history with this issue and or suggestions to next diagnostic test?

the repair place reset the light, but it came back on. The gear won't change from 1st gear. What can cause this?

All of the year Jaguar s-type headlights will fit my 2001 Jaguar

What other later jag stype models headlights will fit my 01??

When going over speed bumps and sometimes just driving period

The Transmission Fault light lit up yesterday. The car drives fine, but has been hard shifting from P to D lately. Could that be something simple (I hope) or does that mean something seriously wrong?