Car missing it starts fine it sounds like a knocking sound coming near the fuel injector

Also the driver side blows cold and the passenger side blows warm when I have both climate control temperatures set to 65°AC

Even though the driver side is colder than the passenger it still isn't ice cold like it used to be anymore, what's the problem?

It's missing real bad it makes like a rattling sound and where is bank 4

Accelerate book said it in limp home mode
What does it mean?

Runs good till it warms up then it will turn off

I don't know where the owner manual is. Is there a code for this? And what does it mean?

My car won't start and mechanic stated that I need a engine computer module for 2000 jaguar s type. I'm trying to get an idea what everything will cost me before I bring it to jaguar

I'd like to know those arrows on top of that mean what are they supposed to be positioned and is there possibly air getting in line if that one line blew off can I use epoxy to put it back in its gotta be somewhere in that connection cuz its one when it blew off it's when all the trouble started the relays have got to be good because it still starts it just acts like it's not getting enough gas or it has bad gas in tank also have changed out the filters I was also told that if you change out the other fuel pump you have to change out the whole tank

Just replaced the dccv and refilled with coolant and heat never warmed up and I noticed water running from a pan next to transmission. Car is elevated on car ramps on front