Anyone know what could be wrong? My tail lights and left blinkers do not work. But the hazards and the brake lights are working just fine. Any ideas? I had this pickup for about 5 months now. The left blinkers never worked. Now about 1-2 weeks ago the tail lights just stopped working. I got new bulbs and new fuses, still nothing. Also I replaced the light switch and still nothing.

On the steering column, about halfway down there is a rubber cover. Mine has torn so I'm in need of a replacement. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Maybe I just don't know what to search for exactly.

cabin is leaning on the left side.detecting the bolt at the end of stab.bar broke down and the bar is hanging .

I put a new head gasget on my 1995 Isuzu truck 2.3 put it all back together it cranks runs great for 3 or 4 seconds then just dies. it ran great before replacing the head gasget, just ran hot, now it wont stay running

What codes is it when the light flashes 1 time than pauses than flashes 2 times with the key on engine off. Than with the key on engine running the cel flashes 3 times pauses than flashes 4 times. Any idea on what the codes can be?

I connected the two wires and the cel flashed once paused and than flashed twice.

I have a reading of 5.7 volts .

Pickup won't start.changed the fuel pump and it worked for a couple of days.used the air cond.yesterday today it won't start

Tested with machine it showed battery charge good and alternator on putting 30 and it's a 60amp battery goes dead in about a mouth or 2 battery is new and alternator is two days old is there some else I'm missing.

I hear a loud vibrating noise from tranny tunnel, mainly when RPM's are a little high and I let off gas pedal. If I engage clutch or step on gas pedal it goes away. have new muffler and pipes. heard it could be cat. converter has gone to pieces. 2. noise is a tapping or ticking noise constant from engine. I assume a flat spot on lifter or valves need to be adjusted.

Believe the eng CO2 sensor light comes on every 60,000 miles. Solution is to take to dealer & have them reset the
computer for a small fee of $ 100.00 to $ 150.00. Takes less
than 5 minutes to do. Is there a cheaper way to reset computer without damaging something else in emission system.

o2 light came on at 90k mi changed the o2 sensor, light remains on? 95 isuzu pu 3.2l

i have a 1995 isuzu pickup that has no voltage to the fuel system fuses?

I am installing an electric cooling fan and I don't know if the cooling fan goes in the inside facing the radiator out or it should go out side facing the radiator to the inside of the engine?