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What codes is it when the light flashes 1 time than pauses than flashes 2 times with the key on engine off. Than with the key on engine running the cel flashes 3 times pauses than flashes 4 times. Any idea on what the...
I connected the two wires and the cel flashed once paused and than flashed twice.
Pickup won't start.changed the fuel pump and it worked for a couple of days.used the air cond.yesterday today it won't start
Tested with machine it showed battery charge good and alternator on putting 30 and it's a 60amp battery goes dead in about a mouth or 2 battery is new and alternator is two days old is there some else I'm missing.
I hear a loud vibrating noise from tranny tunnel, mainly when RPM's are a little high and I let off gas pedal. If I engage clutch or step on gas pedal it goes away. have new muffler and pipes. heard it could be cat. c...
Believe the eng CO2 sensor light comes on every 60,000 miles. Solution is to take to dealer & have them reset the computer for a small fee of $ 100.00 to $ 150.00. Takes less than 5 minutes to do. Is there a cheaper...
o2 light came on at 90k mi changed the o2 sensor, light remains on? 95 isuzu pu 3.2l
i have a 1995 isuzu pickup that has no voltage to the fuel system fuses?
I am installing an electric cooling fan and I don't know if the cooling fan goes in the inside facing the radiator out or it should go out side facing the radiator to the inside of the engine?
Any suggestions for my 95 isuzu pickup truck that will crank, but has trouble starting only when engine is hot? No trouble starting when engine has cooled down. Truck runs good once it does start.
The truck backfires when let up off the gas? Motor run up and down when idle. Foul smell coming from tail pipe?
Motor backfires when i let up on the gas pedal. Motor run up & down when idle. Foul smell from the tail pipe.