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What codes is it when the light flashes 1 time than pauses than flashes 2 times with the key on engine off. Than with the key on engine running the cel flashes 3 times pauses than flashes 4 times. Any idea on what the...
I connected the two wires and the cel flashed once paused and than flashed twice.
my front brakes locked up on me, but after about 20 mins of sitting, they released and i was able to drive it home as long as i didnt touch the brakes. is the problem the brake caliper and or the caliper hose or is th...
Need to know the name of the part that splits the brake line into F and R (front and rear.) right under the master cylinder.
I found out u need a new Combination Switch but too expensive and easier this way. Ive blown a couple fuses trying a couple wires and cant affor any more blown fuses.
How do we get rid of them without having to replace a lot of parts?
It will fit, what other Isuzu trucks will fit my truck engine is engine have holes for the brackets to hold pump?
I was driving stoped at a store and whenever I come out and tryed to start it it would not start I have tryed to use a lil gas in the carburetor and still nothing its turning over but just not starting
Pickup won't start.changed the fuel pump and it worked for a couple of days.used the air cond.yesterday today it won't start
the battery is fine but when i turn the key all the lights on the dash come on but it will not crank nothing at all. thinkin it may be the starter but just bought it and have no clue dont know a thing bout isuzu truc...
Tested with machine it showed battery charge good and alternator on putting 30 and it's a 60amp battery goes dead in about a mouth or 2 battery is new and alternator is two days old is there some else I'm missing.
thermostat opens, then idle increases to approx 1700-1800 rpm no miss,runs fine except for rpm. can bad coolant sensor cause this? like telling ecu temp is cold? no check engine light has done this constant for 2 we...
I've replaced everything except the proportioning valve
stoped at red light truck just shut off and will not start back up has spark timing belt didnt break some one said it my have jumped time i dont know where to begin
Has new fuel filter pump cap rotor wires plugs carb
I've got an old Isuzu pickup with a diesel motor. Does anyone know a good mechanic with the competence to work on it? I've searched all over but can't find a mechanic. I even looked on http://www.autorepairyellowpages...
engine runs great untill thermostat opens up. then begins to "chug" and loose power to the point it dies. BUT! if you shut the key off (while rolling in neutral) and wait a couple seconds and start the motor again it ...
is it short on coil side of fuse? runs fine if unpluged altenator. then blows when alternator is pluged back in. the two little wires out of back of alternator.
how to erase codes i trid disconnect battery,pulled fuse,relay ,jumper wire,have scan tool ,wont work on this model truck need accessory for tool