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when I try to sync it "pops" out after the on/off cyle and will not respond to the fob. The rear deck wiper and washer do not work and may have begun at the same time. My research indicates that the BCM may need to ...
my heat and air wont come out but the moter runs
The a/c can still produce cold air, when driving over 50mph, the windows can even be rolled up. But A/c will not blow with any strength. The window on the passenger side and the overhead lights are intermittent. Could...
I was told that I have to replace the intake manifest casket. Can this be the reason why the check engine light is on and why my car is shaking?
the other day i thought i ran out of gas but ever since then when i trun the key it trues to start then nohting no noise but th egauges going up and it won tgive me anything now.
check engine light comes on hours after it has been cleared and it says to change the purge solenoid.
When accelerating my Ascender makes a real high pitched whining noise from the front end. When I decelerate the noise quits. I am unsure where exactly the noise is coming from. Any advice would be greatly appreciated....
After fill up the fuel gauge goes from full to empty for 30 miles then goes back to full. Also check engine light comes on unless you remove fuel cap and reseat!
how do you change the fuel level sensor circuit
my wipers ans washer come on and stays on with out ever turning them on
My fuel light keeps saying the fuel is low when I know I've put gas in tank the last couple of days. Only have 63,000 miles or vehicle dont know what is wrong or what to do. Please help!!!