The gear shift is stuck in park. Which fuse controls the shifter

Everytime i turn my vehicle off the back air conditioner comes on. Then my batteries. Die what do i do?is it going to be alot of money or can i just take the fuse box out

In order to engage any exterior lights, the blackout button must be activated upon startup. The low beams still do not function. Speedometer, tachometer totally useless. All other gauges work intermittently.

Inadvertently tuned the vehicle of when backing up. The car turned off, however now it won't start and gear shift is stuck in reverse. The gear shift button will not Press.

have to add power steering fluid often..

I remove the stereo. And put it back. Then my switch to turn on the blower for the ac won't work

Oil light w wrench

problem is constant

I replaced the passenger blendor last year

When you turn the setting up to another number to blow more hot air out it stays the same. I hear it go thru all the settings but doesn't go any faster. Could there be a heater door stuck or something wrong with the actuator?

my fuel tank was replaced with a used tank and initially I thought that the mechanics did not connect the wires I was right about that part but when I reconnected the wires it still does not work. The low fuel light will come on when I get low on fuel and that is the only indication that I am low on fuel other than keeping track of the miles on the trip meter.

The gauge does not move at all the wires were disconected I cleaned and replaced them on the tank but it still does not work the low fuel light worked and still works even after I reconected the wires.

After driving for 4 and a half hours, I needed to get a jump to restart my 2004 Isuzu Ascender. It ran fine for another day and a half but then I needed to jump it again. It was fine again for another day but then it died and will not start even with a jump. turns out the battery has a full charge! Lights and sounds are working when I turn the key.

I replaced cool spark plug and fuel injector

Driving with cruise set at 45mph. Doors started locking and unlocking on own. Shut down my instrument panel( electronic). Service brake system read on display. Lost power steering, could not get truck to move past a crawl. I shut off truck and waited. Check engine light still on, was able to drive normal again when I hit a bump and front driver tire made tapping sound. Any ideas? First time it has done this. Front driver tire has been making some tapping/popping noises for about a month.

Are Trailblazer and envoy interchangeable with Isuzu's ascender?

Apparently there's a leak where the hoses go into the gas tank. Is that the Evap system? I've been told I need to replace the entire tank! I've also been told I'd need to drop the tank down from the chassis to effect the repair. What's the straight skinny about this issue. I need to get the thing repaired so that I can re-register the car.

Originally the battery light came on while driving, eventually many others followed leading to low battery charge and finally stalling. I chose to jump start the vehicle, in which I was successful. I had the battery tested by the Auto Zone close by, and it was confirmed to have a full charge. The vehicle was operating normal in exception for the AC compressor not activating. Several days later I had another episode with the battery light signal and the volt meter reading approximately 11 volt charge status and dropping. This time I had to get towed home. I decided to remove the Alternator and have it test by the Auto Zone, which showed to be charging at approximately 14.5 volts. I installed the unit back on the vehicle and I carefully checked all connections for loose or broken wires. Now everything is working properly including the AC unit. The next day I attempt to operate driving locally with no issues. I decide to park and shut the engine off. When I turned it back on the battery light was lit and it was showing a low volt charge once more. I decided to risk driving home.As I began to drive away the battery light turned off and the voltage indicator is again showing 14+ volts (FRUSTRATING). Any ideas what is causing this????

I rear ended someone and my grille brackets on one side broke and every time i google a grille for sale the radiator support assembly pops up. Now my car is running hot

None of my gauges on the dash instrument panel work. Ex: oil, antifreeze, etc...speedometer

My driver's seat is power and has a panel on the side of the seat at hand level to adjust my seat. All adjustments work but the switch within the same panel that makes seat go forwards and backwards stopped working out of the blue? What do I do to fix the problem?