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when I press on the horn to long it will blow a fuse
After I drive off, I hear water running through pipes in dash or behind dash under the hood.
It a sounds like water running through the pipes in the heater or cooling system
check engine light on, abs light on and red light with exclamation point on. Speedometer not registering back to zero when stopped.
The front blower has not worked for several weeks now. What can be done to check and fix this problem. Is it a bad switch?
and if so where is it located or could b that its a bad battery plz help thx
I replaced actuator but four wheel still not working looks like parts witch have be moved by actuator is frozen how to solve this .Thanks Ziggy.
My air bag light came on. I was told the sensor on the front bumper needs to be replaced. How much?
Isuzu Ascender 2003 Ignition electrical ignition problem- Sometimes will not or can not turm to the off postion . I Can't allways Remove Key From Ignition Lock,sometimes until I wait sometimes a hour or sometimes a fe...
how do adjust the idling on a 2003 assender