Rough Shifting of Automatic Transmission on Mercedes-Benz SLK350

Vehicles equipped with a 7-speed automatic transmission may develop a rough shifting condition, most commonly going up from first to second gear and going down from third to second or second to first gear. Our technicians tell us this is due to an internal component failure. Mercedes has released updated parts; the transmission will need to be removed and disassembled to complete the necessary repairs.

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Average mileage: 54,562 (18,000–124,000)
6 model years affected: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, more2009, 2010
22 people reported this problem
10 people shared problem details
Vechicle jerks into gear when going from park to reverse or drive. Also when accelerating from a stop it will not shift beyond first gear. Diagnosis-Replace electonic plate with Transmission control module. It was also stated the Turbine Speed sensor is defective.
Purchased Car in November 2013 was excited because it looked new and only had 38,000 miles on it. About March 2014 have experienced car not shifting into 2nd gear after stopping at stoplights.Car would not go any faster than 25 miles per hour,if I gave it more gas the engine would just roar.Would have to put on my hazard lights pull over put the car into park and then back into drive. Took it in to the dealer, said they could not duplicate the problem ? After over $3000 of repairs (thanks to the extended warranty I purchased) within 2 days had the same problem. Decided I needed to drive it more aggressively because it is a Sports Car! would just give it little more gas after taking off after stopping that didn't last a week had the same problem within days dropping it off at the dealer ship 04/07/14 hopefully they can get to the root of the problem! Afraid if the problem keeps existing someone is going to REAR END ME! Other repairs after 30 days engine and transmission mounds replaced. Recently Air conditioner Compressor replaced,oil leak fixed,something underneath making a grinding noise,smelled like something was burning under engine was told there was a plastic bag stuck to the engine? Sensor on passenger side for air bag something to do with weight "was told if I was hit it wouldn't deploy if a small child was in the seat" After all that I still "Love my Car" just want it fixed!
Seem to have rough shifting from 1st to 2nd gear and sometimes on the downshift. I have not had this repaired as of yet.
rough shifting from 1st to 2nd and vice versa... dont' know what needs to be replaced and corresponding costs
Harsh downshifts 3-2 and 2-1 on wife's 2005 SLK350. Upshifts are ok but slow. Took it to dealer and they reprogramed/updated the shift points. Seemed better but still harsh downshifts approaching a stop. Plan to take it back to the dealer again.
engine RPMs increase for a split second when shifting automatically from 1 to 2, as if there is a delay. Very annoying.
The automatic shift program is not switching to comfort mode. It stays on sport mode. When I put it on drive or reverse it shifted so hard, like on the engine is on high rpm. I haven't got it fixed yet.
car delays in shifting when flooring it between gears somatimes it hangs and hits the limiter and does not shift up after 2 seconds it shifts. Also if i high gear and throttle is applied it has jerky downgear.
Leak develops internally, leaks into electronic component , 1,900 repair cost.....
I have lived with this problem for 7 years(but rough only on downshifting to a stop) from 11,000 (in Jun 2007) to 48,000 miles (as of Jan 2014). While under warranty, my local dealer could only "adjust it", but could never REPAIR it. But I also (unfortunately) did not insist to contact the Regional MB rep either--(as my job keeps me extremely busy). So it gave up. To work around it--and I habitually put the transmission into Neutral when slowing to a stop to prevent the rough downshifting. Now, at 48,000 mi, in addition to a Service A,B, C, D, & E--I now am putting the SLK through an additional major overhaul, requiring a new transmission. BUT I do like this car an awful lot--so I'm putting @ $15K of maintenance into it, as this little SLK basically gives the handling and accel performance, and most of the looks of an SL, at about half the cost. The women I take out in it do love this little beast.
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