Mazda 626 Problem Report

Mazda 626 Rough Idle Due to Intake Manifold Vacuum Leak

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The intake manifold gasket can fail causing vacuum a leak and/or a rough idle condition. Replacement of the leaking gasket will be necessary to correct this concern.

Car idles roughly while sitting at lights and in park. The rpm's on the vehicle are very low as well. -
Rough idle, stalling, idled fine if you kept foot on gas. Intake gasket was blown out. Replaced gasket. All is well -
Whenever I sit at a light, in traffic or through a drive-thru my car shakes and makes a bit of noise. I took it to a repair show and was told I have an exhaust leak. -
car cuts off sporadically -
rough idle, engine surges especially when in drive. have to put in neutral to keep running when decelarating. -
intake gasket fail sprayed starting fluid to find leak replaced gasket -
Car is all of a sudden riding ruff. If car is in park and on the speedometer moves from 0 to 20 mph. And finally feels as though transmission is slipping. -
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The "Bypass Air Control Valve" can fail causing a low engine idle and possibly stalling.

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