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Buick Park Avenue Intake Manifold Gasket May Develop Engine Oil and/or Coolant Leak

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The intake manifold gasket may develop external engine oil and/or coolant leak. The intake manifold will need to be removed and the gasket replaced to correct this issue.

Just picked up my buick yesterday 7/27/2013. 960.00. replaced intake manifold gasket and head gasket. drove sixty miles. almost maded it home. car runs mildly hot...not even 3/4 on temp gauge. turned off ac and turned on heat. gauge started to cool, then engine ran rough. pulled into gas station. car will not crank. what is causing the manifold to fail? thermostat? I read oil pump? anyone, anyone? waiting on mechanic to pick up car today and have a do over -
antifreeze and oil is near my engine compartment and car wont start! -
Intake Manifold gasket failed, developed a leak - as indicated by coolant pooling on manifold. This leak was very slow, and I had no driveability issues, but finally took care of it. If this happens to you - have the mechanic check your oil pump as well, since the gasket material can degrade into your engine coolant and "sludge" up the pump, screens, etc. in your oil system...I am dealing with this right now. -
wht smoke from exhaust will not stay running once i take foot off gas pedal oil ontop of engine by fuel injectors. antifreeze n oil oil drips on garage floor -
coolant leaking around on to manifold and possibly oil as well. -
Was loosing coolant slowly, every few days but couldn't find a leak. Took to repair shop who showed me leak in front of rear cylinder bank where the upper manifold gasket was leaking. I got All-Data repair info and fixed myself saving hundreds of dollars. Now my water pump has developed a leak due to my changing coolant from DexCool to green after flushing it well. A Firestone dealer told me the DexCool does contain better lubricating oils for the water pump and that once you go to green normal extended life coolant the pump may well leak within 9-12 months, exactly what happened. -
Coolant pouring out from under car & heater stopped working due to low fluid level. Thought to be water pump but after further inspection turns out to be manifold intake gaskets. -
starting loosing antifreeze in oil, overheated and white smoke started coming out of pipe. Replace upper intake gasket, problem resolved. -
When i got a tune up this year 2014,my mechanic told me about the gaskets need to be replace,haven't fixed yet because of money issues. -
I never had a clear sign that there was any overheating occurring, my 2003 Park Ave. Ultra just stopped at an intersection. The only indication I had was that the temp. gauge was inching up a little over halfway to "H". No light indicators, no "check engine light" on. One thing I should have noticed was the smell of antifreeze. I had been smelling it for perhaps a month, but always thought it was someone else's car. Car cut off at intersection when waiting for the light to change. Wouldn't crank except for one time to allow me to get it out of the intersection. Mechanic found coolant stains on the engine and no more coolant in the overflow tank. Machanics replaced manifold intake and thought it was fixed, but it cut off at the shop when they tested it before I came to retrieve it. Replaced the MAP (Mass Airflow sensor) and the mechanics say that it is fixed now and runs well without cutting off. The test will be in the running for the rest of the week! They also replaced the fuel filter and the temperature gauge. All at the tune of about $1,300. -
Coolant leak manifold -
Oil leak around manifold gasket. Have had this replaced at around 30,000 miles. Then oil started showing up again around 60,000. We're just letting it ride due to cost of replacement. But it doesn't seem too bad on the oil leak. -
overheats constantly having to spend $1000 just to get it fixed. this is a common problem for all gm vehicles with the 3800 v-6 engine. The only thing dependable about this engine is that you'll have enough time to drive it to the repair shop before it blows on you. GM knows this is a problem and refuses to address it. Take my advice don't buy one! -
Replace intake and upper and lower intake gaskets, after repair the valve seals leaked, causing smoking oil burn from exhaust after idle at stops, possibly due to damage caused by antifreeze in oil. -
Intake gasket leaking. R&R intake gasket . -
leaking steam caused the engine to run rough and then lost all coolant. the engine then hydrolocked. -
Major Oil Leak -
Mine didn't leak oil, just coolant on top of the manifold. Didn't get coolant in the oil, or blow white smoke. It did overheat 1x, had to flush coolant system due to excessive rust in coolant. The leak occurred a couple weeks after. My mechanic diagnosed it as an intake manifold gasket. Also had a check light issue, replaced cat converter and plugs&wires. Noticed a few references online to intake gasket issues may be related to engine light being on. -
antifreeze leak around upper intake manifold. Replaced completely with new gaskets. -
125K miles, drivability ok but cross contamination of oil into coolant -
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