Mercedes-Benz E320 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz E320 One or More Instrument Cluster Display May Fail

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Instrument cluster displays tend to fail, especially the clock and gear indicators. Our technicians tell us the instrument cluster will require replacement to correct this issue.

Hello, I have the same problem. I had the instrument panel replaced a couple of years ago along with having to pay for a new key related to Mercedes resetting the mileage and labor. The display is fading on the mileage, clock, and etc. Horizontal lights flash across the middle of the screen at times. I am a girl who needs help with this problem. Nola -
LED displays in the lower left and right corners on the instrument cluster have failed. -
digital temperature display on instrument cluster failed. portions of it light up, but the temperature cannot be read. Was told by mechanic as dealership it was not worth fixing. -
same problem dash board lites don't work -
Benz E320 1997 Dash board intermitent problems -
instrument cluster light dimming, cannot see time or temp. -
Instrument panel partially unable to be seen. -
Clock started to fade. Too costly to repair. I brought a stationary clock and stuck it to the glass. -
instrument cluster display is incomplete -
gear and time display missing led bars; mileage indicator: left side dim, can't read in daylight. -
Place in Taunton MA can repair cluster -
Clock and Temp. gauge LCD segments missing since 2007 -
bought a kit from the internet took the display apart overall took 2 hours of my time for the instrument cluster + 2 hours of various searches. Purchasers of second hand w210 /e320 should be very careful as the instrument cluster replacement will reset mileage shown on vehicle -
Instrument cluster (entire unit) totally failed after snow melting off (damp conditions) car then outdoor 0 F cold weather start attempted multiple restarts with same results -
A portion of the dash clock pixels failed. -
Need new cluster -
Tamperature, Time and gear failed -
It comes on and off from time to time. Not fix yet -
The clock light is very dim. -
My instrument panel and my 2003 Mercedes E3 20 will no longer illuminate I have no vision of speed RPM Clock temperature or gas mileage :( Is there anyway this can be fixed by a fuse or circuit or what do I need to do because I love this car:/ -
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