Mercedes-Benz CLK430 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz CLK430 Instrument Cluster Displays May Lose Pixels

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The instrument cluster display may lose pixels and need replacement. However, if the back lighting bulbs for the odometer display in the center of the cluster burn out, they can be replaced.

There is a kit to repair the pixels. The common issue is a poor contact at the board, the solution is to replace the ribbons going from the display to the contact board. -
lost pixels on clock and temp. -
Clock pixels don't display properly, just living with it. Bigger problem is with seat controls not functioning properly. -
Temperature, gear and clock unreadable due losing pixels -
I'm losing pixels on my digital clock display -
temperature, clock & gear are to dim to read -
The instrument cluster display is losing pixels -
instrument cluster pixels died in my clk 430 -
The lights on the dash dim and light up at whim... don't know how to fix -
Dealer fixed it but came again a few months later -
Can't read information on dash cluster due to dim and lost pixels. -
Temperature and clock pixels are missing from the displays and are unreadable -
My instrument display has lost it pixels . Because i don't know how many miles nor what kind of service faults i have on the dash board. -
cant read temp on left or gear setting on right still not fixed. -
Pixels out in instrument cluster and cannot read digital speed or clock or gear position i.e P D R 1 2 etc. Fortunately the car has the old fashioned needle speedo so I can tell how fast I am living with it in this condition. -
Slight pixels missing in a vertical line from mileage to trip. -
The clock and other digital displays appear missing 1 or 2 characters and then the problem will randomly resolve on its on after the car runs for 20 minutes or so. -
some minor pixels have disappeared but i can "guess" the temperature and the gear that I'm in -
instument cluster losing pixels, not fixed -
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