Chevrolet Suburban 1500 Problem Report

Chevrolet Suburban 1500 Inside/Outside Door Handles May Break

(51 reports)

The inside and outside door handles are prone to breaking.

outside drivers door handle broke. still usable. -
Both driver and passanger door do not open from the inside, i have to roll window down to open from the outside. -
The outside plastic rear door handles are constanting breaking under normal use on my vehicle. -
Driver and passenger door handles snapped off from the inside. Doors can only be opened from outside. Also the doors don't close easily: must be slammed forcefully -
Passenger side door handle is broken and falling off -
Driver and passenger doors don't open from the inside -
still broke -
The inside handles break all the time, I buy them in bulk now. Price has come down over the years. -
Must buy new handles and install hinge pins so it won't break again -
Inside door handle driver's side, broke off and outside handle is getting loose. Not yet repaired but will go to local salvage yard to purchase the necessary parts. -
Day time and headlights keep burning out. Looks like heat damage. -
Inside plastic tailgate handle failed under light to normal use - probably failed below 80,000 miles. I haven't fixed this. -
Drivers side outside handle housing is broken. -
Door handles break with minimal wear. Lock on driver side is pushed into vehicle from outside. Outside driver door handle has crack. Must replace both. Oreilys has interior handles for fifteen each in gray. -
Interior driver side and front passenger door handles broke about 2 months apart. -
Inside driver's door handle broke. -
have replaced 2 inside door handles -
cheap junk replacements bought on ebay -
Both front door handles have broken off. -
drivers side front both in and outside handles broke -
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