Chevrolet Tahoe Problem Report

Chevrolet Tahoe Inside/Outside Door Handles May Break

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The inside and outside door handles are prone to breaking.

my inside front driver door handle just broke off! i still havent fixed it. -
inside/outside door handles may break. inside or cheap aluminum alloy -
Out of 4 doors, I have 1 that will open from the inside and 3 that will open from the outside. I call it my 3 door! -
Inside drivers handle broke, replaced, no other issues -
Passenger side door handle broke off -
3 out of four outside plastic door handles have been pulled out of mounting cutouts in the doors.The plastic h,,andles are not broken per se but the steel tabs used to fasten the different handle to the door are rusted away. If I purchased new handles;there would be no way to hold them in their respective door cut outs.presently 3 out side handle assemblies are hanging outside the doors.Solution? A new door or welding A tap plate over the corroded area so as to provide Asolid stable attachment point. Having worked for GM SOME 15 years,this indifferent attitude toward such a widespread serious problem seems uncharacteristic and unconscionable. I purchased the car used,and on my first trip through the carwash at THE GM dealer the door handles fell off. In addition the rear hatch back must be propped open with A 4x4 ; and we wont even touch on rear brake debacle -
Drivers side passenger door handle coming off. -
Outside door handle pulled away from door. Two of the four handles have now broken. Cost $180.00 to replace with labor per handle. -
I have had to replace the inner driver handle twice sense owning the truck. Original owner. -
outside drivers side door handle cracked needs to be replaced -
Inside door handles broke at a weak point. Replaced the assembly. -
Had to replace 1 front and 1 rear door handle. -
Replaced inside handle. -
Inside door handle broke off -too much exertion. Purchased a new handle assembly on the internet, took off the inside door panel and after some diagnosis removed the old assembly and broken handle,installed the new one in the raverse sequence. There is some inspection and analysis required, but it is not impossible. -
Drivers side -
Drivers door handle broke, rear passengers door won't open from the inside. -
right front inside door handle was hanging up and then finally broke. -
Outside driver door handle broke at about 40000 miles. No repairs made since handle is still useable. -
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The inside door handles are prone to breaking.
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