Inside Door Handles May Break on Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

The inside door handles are prone to breaking.

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Average mileage: 86,285 (29,000–211,000)
10 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, more2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013
25 people reported this problem
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My grandson was trying to open the driver side door when the handle made a popping sound and came out farther than normal. The door did not open. I exited on the passenger side, went to the driver side and had to open the door for him. Not sure what happen inside of door. The warranty has expired for this truck.
Interior door handle broke off right in my hand. Never had this happen before. It is part of the door trim, and the part cost $395.00!! GM needs to replace this under warranty!!
Drivers side interior door just broke off in hand. says entire panel, costs over $400.00, has to be replaced. Cast aluminum part broke. GM should have to replace due to faulty design and material used. Now I find out that this is a common occurrence with GM pickups.
the door handles break on the inside and they pull off on the outside what if somebody is an emergency and needs to get out of the damn vehicle? federal government should make every carmaker go back to steel door handles just because of this problem
the passenger door will open from the outside but not from inside.... nothing feels broken from the inside,
We discovered the problem today. I'm still shopping parts and repair options. Any suggestions on good source for repair parts?
New door panel $700
Cghevy 3500 Silverado HD dually Interior door handle broke. Cost over $500 for just the part, entire door panel would have to be replaced. It is a known problem that Chevy has. We've seen where several other owners have replaced theirs only to have them break again. So, we have not replaced ours. It is a dangerous flaw. It's difficult to get into the truck as well as shut the door.
Driver's door handle no longer works. Can open the door from the outside but not the inside. Was told the entire panel needs to be replaced. Cost of the door panel quoted by Lamb Chevrolet is $650. This is our last GM truck.
Interior Drivers door handle snapped off in my hand. Local dealership was nice enough to confirm that it is out of Warranty and that most likely i needed a new Door panel, and that there would be a Diagnostic charge to get me a repair price. The service rep i spoke with confirmed that the replacement panel was a $400 retail price piece. Then claimed they don't have a problem, but he was very forthcoming with what needed to be done, and prompt knowledge of the part price. Called Chevrolet Direct, they basically told me the same thing and that there was nothing they could do to help, except maybe get the Stealership to waive the diagnostic fee.
I was trying to exit the vehicle and the handle broke right off in my hand. Vehicle is now out of warranty and the dealer I bought it from new said the parts are about $400.00 alone. This will be my last GM vehicle.
I have a 1500, crew cab, that cable broke a month after I bought it, took the door apart and found that it was replaced before, well 3 months later it broke again. First Time reporting it to the dealer, I will see how much the dealer will charge but the cable is only $26.95.
Door hand cable clip broke for the second time, first time was around 80k miles
The handle came off with ease in my hand. Cheaply made cast aluminum it looks like. $398 bucks for the part which someone else mentioned its part of the door trim assembly. Thank God still under warranty or I'd be pi$$ed! Still not happy about it,
Inside third door drivers side handle broke. Replaced door handle
The interior metal door handle broke off when I tried to open the door. Now I roll down the window to reach out and use the exterior handle. My wife will freak if she needs to do this
Driver side door handle broke had to buy the whole door panel to replace handle . A very bad design and very costly also Battery was almost dead this morning checked battery postive connection was good negative connection was a acid build up at the bottom side of connector to the post . Put a charge on battery it started up, but the acon driver side was blowing cold air passenger side was blowing hot air . didn't matter what the tempture set was set at on passenger side it is still blowing hot air on passenger side . What should i do clean battery it look like the battery could be leaking around negative post looks wet .
Door handle replaced by shop (Whole Door Panel Done at time for $500) now two months later same exact problem. Why the hell is the only fix the whole panel!? Why make such a cheap part chevy?
While attempting to close the driver-side door, the handle broke completely loose on one side. Now, I am careful to pull on it to close the door because I don't know how much longer it can last like this. In order to fix it, I suppose I would need a whole new interior door panel which are not cheap. I've checked.
Drivers side plastic inside door handle broke and was easily replaced with a new one