hello, leaking oil from drain plug... who ever change the oil last was put silicone around drain screw... can the oil pan be re threaded?


They had a recall it's already been performed and now the problems happening again I don't want to spend the money for the dealership so should I just install an aftermarket fuel gauge

Where is the cam position sensor located on an '03 M45?

My car has been shutting off lately while I am driving and my father and I figured that it was the crankshaft position sensor. This has happened plenty of times and sometimes it wouldnt start back for a while. We really need to know how much these sensors cost. If you can please contact me at 6783736792 or email me at salimgarcia@comcast.net

I removed it and now it's hard to steer my car. Plus it makes a whining sound now

it never shows a code or warning light,i replaced cam and crank sensors, and worked for a few days and now its happening again, help please!

when car on idle car dies and now i'm getting a rattling sound when i accelerate....

For some reason or another there is a a LOUD knocking sound coming from my engine after starting it up on a cold days. It normally last for a few minutes until the vehicle is warmed up. I noticed that this only happens in the winter months when it's extremely cold outside. I drive a 2003 Infiniti M45. Please help!

The gas hand in my car is never right, When it is empty it shows half a tank left till empty. it took me a while to notice my car was just running out of gas and not a serious problem. what is this problem called and how much will it cost to get it fixed? Can i get this fixed somewhere besides the dealership. My car has also been saying low brake fluid, is this an easy process i can have done when i get my gas level checked here in Stillwater as well?

I have keyless entry on my vehicle. While changing the battery a little piece of what I think is carbon fell out and I lost it. Now the key will not work. I went to the dealer and they do not carry that piece. They want 6 hundred dollars for a new key. Thank you

can i please get price on how much it will cust me to replace my engine

how much will it cust me to replace my timing chane