2006 Infiniti M35 Questions

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nome of buttons on my dashboard works, can't change a/c settings, bo sounds can't choose nav.. nothing but my screen is on

Fob locks-unlocks doors
Intelligent Key Warning light on until fob in port. Car Battery good. Fob battery good.

I'm thinking of buying a 2006 Infiniti M35 V6 3.5.
The engine sounds all right well and aparantemente every thing in the car is good. My problem is that the car has 148,000 miles.

It is advisable to buy this car with 148,000 miles?
If I buy this car, What changes or repairs should I make?
A few miles can get this engine?
How many miles supports this car?

Thank you very much

Ive had some flanges repaired. The exaust leak is in the engine compartment coming thru fresh air vent. Its worse during a cold engine start after sitting but can be noticed at all times. No engine lights are present. Is it a rich/lean problem? Is it an O2 sensor problem? Could it be a fuel control problem? A catilytic converter problem? Ive taken it to 3 mechanics and non can find the colpret...plz help.

coolant agent. If the compressor has been replaced and the a/c is still not cooling, then the dealship finds a leak in the hose, how do I know the leaky hose was not the original problem?

Strong exhaust smell during start and shut down. Had computer read last year a bad O2 sensor code came up. Would this cause the exhaust smell?

For some reason the remote cannot communicate with the car

check the battery its o.k.

I set the parking break and changed the oil, afterwards started it up and it stalls after starting it. Last year it stalled while driving on the highway after deselecting the cruise control using the brake pedal.... it took a few tries but started it wont stop stalling.