I'm taking it to scrap to make sum money

Okay so my 95 Infiniti J30 won't stay running unless I keep my foot on the pedal then when it does sometimes it cuts off it has done this for about 6 times for 2 months now

How do i bleed the system

do i put it in the container on the left of the engine or do i put it into the radiator?????

running lights and parking lights stay on when light switch is on "off" position. Have to pull fuse from fuse compartment under the hood to keep battery from draining. Can hear selenoid switch clicking under hood ( by brake cylinder) when replacing fuse back in . Same fuse operates high beams.

it has bean running perfect but now it just wont start and it smells like gas when i try to start it

Do I need a new tranny or torque converter or something

But wen I grt out of girst I don't hear it no more

need specific replacement info for head gaskets and timing belt replacement

My car idles to fast and it gos up and down.. sometimes it stalls.

My 95 j30 runs gr8 4-5 days on then 4-5 days off....wen it wont start theres nothing i can do to get it to start...battery,ignition,starter..everything works/is only option is waiting 4-5 days and itll start right hesitation and runs perfectly...4-5 days happens all over again...been doin this for 3months now...advice anyone??