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car has been running fine until yesterday. I stopped to clean the car out & when I got in to leave the car wouldn't crank. It started making a clicking noise in the dash area that was something new to me because it ha...
I smelled some gas under the hood.I changed the spark plugs.
Parking lights go on by themselves and stay on for a few minutes, horn turns on by itself but will stop after a minute and other electrical features such as interior lights don't work and the remote door opener doesn...
The starter and ignition fuse are both fine. i can feel the starter relay click when the key is turned. The starter will not turn over. I checked the power on the starter solenoid and it has power. with the car in...
Had a bad balancer needed to find out how much it cost to replce on,mechanics fee of course,i know its about a hundred for the part
My battery was stolen. The car ran fine before then. Now the car won't fire. I don't know what could be wrong.
My battery was stolen. I had a battery put in it. Now everything power inside the car will not work. The heater fan that did not work before works now. That is the only thing. I would appreciate the help.
what is exactly the things i need for a tune up
it made a spark once and now it doesnt work
When the switch is pushed up or down, the windows will not move. The fuses have been checked and they were found not to be bad.
I replaced the egr valve per nissans instruction and the egr light is still on I disconnected the battery over nite how do I shut the light off?
checkn engine light is on while in park it shakes ive never had any problems with my car untill now ? can anyone help me. its driveable but i prefer not to go far..