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For a second consecutive time the water pump has broken just after being replaced. It was a new one.
put key i n try to start all lights and stuff come on but will not start good battery good alternator new water pump fully gassed up.
now my car isn't starting all the way a friend of mine told us to leave the key on for a minute so that the gas can get into the filter but we done that nothing is happening, can't even give it any gas when starting i...
car ran out of gas while moving. I was not exactly stopped when I inadvertently shifted to park. now it cranks over, there is fuel flow after the filter but no spark. HELP!!!
I'VE had several mechanics look at it, to me it's something electrical however, the last shop said 3 of the 6 injectors needed replacing. when at a traffic light it shakes, when I accelerate it hesitates for 15-20 sec...
The brake booster is unbolted and the master cylinder is removed. The intake and the housing for the strut is causing the booster not to come out. The dealer was no help. The tech told me just unbolt and pull out. It'...
Lights and horn will not shut off after a new battery was installed. This was not a problem in the past when I have replaced batteries.
There is no check engine light on and the only thing I did was an oil change. But, the first time it stalled, I thought I had put bad gas in the car. I poured in some gas treatment. What could it be.
won't start, no gas. Replaced the fuel pump still no gas. could it be in the anti theft fuel shut of system?
keep in mind it some ti ames has this kinda knocking sound gets better sometimes when we use a fuel cleaner or injector cleaner could that be the cause of lo of gas
wheres my code connection at on my 1993 j-30
starts right up with short shots of starting fluid,R&Rd used engine,replaced TPS...could bad ajustment of this cause engine not to stay running