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ENGLISH There is a high vibration and sound motorized stand when more pressure on the brakes and when transport or change to N
found water under rug,in the front passenger side.The A/C drain is not clogged and I blew air in the sunroof drains.Is there a fix or recall on car? Thank you.
I got in my car and noticed a electrial smell no smoke. I drove to work everything was running fine. Tried all the accessories everything worked. The smell was stronges down on the floor by the pedals. Any idea on...
I changed out the trans oil and still does the same thing..Only if I drive an easy take off the gears are more smooth but still whines all the time.
Lots of the dash board lights came on and now car won't do anything after shutting off
P0303 misfire need to know location of the #3 cylinder to troubleshoot the DTC.
I live at 7000 feet. What should I do? I should be able to use 87 octane at this altitude, but that makes it worse. I have a 2001 Infiniti I30 T and it never has that problem and I use 87 Octane in it. Thanks,
Out of three estimates that was from 1 to 2 hundred dollars cheaper than the other other two. Is their anything I should know before I have the cheapest price do the work. Thank you for any info.
want to replace the cabin filter
5 quarts were added today - last fill was a month ago 90,000 miles
Stared engine in the morning. engine knocked and shook terribly, turned off and restared and done the same thing only less so. Called Infinite didn't know what the problem is. No engine light, does not comes on. Sta...