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P1212 , p0500, p0300, p1800, u1001,p1574 ascd, p0057 h0252
My car's AT Check light flashes exactly 16 times when restarting it after running at highway speeds. There are no other lights, stored codes, or problems with drivability other than somewhat clunky shifts in the lower...
what can I do to fix my problem with my car I ALREADY CHANGE THE WATER PUMP AND THE THERMOSTAT ?
Had the speedometer sensor changed and now the automatic transmission wont shift through the gears
First my break lights and battery lights turned on...then my car stopped working with full raise all of a sudden...with my engine still on...
First my o2 sensor and 5th cylinder misfire was showing I changed the plugs and still had the problem took it back and it is showing random misfire and 4 other codes one is my o2 sensor n the others r sensors I have t...
I have to go under my hood and remove parts to get to light bulb area. Trying to find out how to change without doing so.