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The car will go in gear 1,2,3,4, but won't go in 5th or reverse, after driving a little while car won't go in 1,2,3,4 or reverse but will go in 5th what could be the problem
Has happened 2 times today. Makes the instrument panel not work. No speedometer or odometer.
The xmission of the 2001 is not running well and i,ve got a 1992 in good condition. I'ld like to replace it.
It jerks anytime I start, in the morning, red lights, stop signs, anytime at all.
If I find a used automatic transmission will an auto repair garage typically install? If so anyone have an estimate for what a garage would charge to do this? I live in Memphis, so if anyone has any thoughts or recomm...
fuze blows as fast as you put it in also no dashlights
i have to wait 15 minutes before turning the car on again after driving
After driving InfinitiG20 for about 15 minutes, the MPH guage, RPM guage and temp guage goes to zero. The electronic guage that tells you how many miles you've driven will not register. There doesn't seem to be any pr...
car makes rattling noise
i had a service code about front o2 sensor was picking up to much air. I had the o2 sensors replaced in may. i took it back and now the car idles really low at around 500 rpm. The car cranks but dies as if its out of ...
My 2001 Infiniti G-20 is approaching 100,000 miles. no major repairs yet but maintenance has been getting more expensive. I heard a rumor that infinitis don't do well past 100K. thoughts? thoughts on paying for repair...