Car died stoped wanting to shift into gear abs light was on airbag light came on as well

I have it jacked up on stands and i go from park to reverse and it engages and locks up put in neutral and spins like in drive shift into first and tranny locks up any ideas

1999 Nissan Sentra with a 99 Infiniti G20 motor, ran fine yesterday. It rained last night and now it will crank but not start. Pulled plug and ground it to engine block and cranked, but no spark. Cap and rotor are clean and dry. Tried roll starting it down the hill and no luck. Any suggestions?

and my oil smells like gas too


My car started to overheat last week because I hadn't checked the coolant level in a while. I went ahead and filled the radiator and reservoir up per the instructions... I'm out driving on a cool morning (about 60 degrees Fahrenheit and foggy) today and the engine started smoking (again) and the temperature needle went WAY high.

Assuming nothing's leaking and that the proportion of coolant to water is correct (I'd have bought it mixed, but someone in the house was paranoid that our indoor cat would get into it somehow... don't ask... the only "pet safe" stuff I could find required dilution), what else could be going on and what might repairing it cost??

The ac and heat work fine but I can't change where it blows out at. So it will not switch so I can have defrost. It worked when I first got car and I pushed the defrost button on the controller and it stopped switching. It only blows out the dash vent. I bought a new controller and still doesn't work

something is shaking and can hear the rattling just got this today my DREAM CAR PLEASE HELP

4 now the keys r gone got a targat switch new starter new battery it was sparks knockin last nite today fid not want to start when it f
Did went mayb 10 miles cut off now notthing when turn the target switch. Help me plz

20 where is the boost sencor on the same car