Mazda Mazda5 Problem Report

Mazda Mazda5 Ignition Switch Failure May Cause Key Reminder to Chime Continuously

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Internal failure of the ignition switch may create a condition where the key reminder continues to chime even though the key is removed. In addition, the doors cannot be locked with the keyless entry system. Replacing the ignition switch with an updated switch is the typical repair.

ignition thinks the key is in, even when removed. slowly went out over the course of 2 weeks. at least there is still a way to lock the car manually by locking all doors but the driver's from inside, then locking the drivers with the key from the outside. so lame. i have also had to replace both door locks on the sliding doors and the turn signal switch. every electronic part on this car is a lemon, i am ready to sell it. -
Ignition thinks key is still in. Cannot lock doors with remote and constant beeping when door is open is driving us nuts. Initially, light tapping could make the switch trigger but now it is stuck for good. -
2006 Mazda 6 New driver tried to remove switch forcefully when it had not been turned back far enough. Beeps like key is inserted when door opened. Won't Lock remotely. Manual lock immediately results in unlock. This is to keep you from locking your keys in the car. Will lock all doors or unlock the drivers door when using the key in the Driver door external lock. Unlocks all doors if you hold in the unlock position. -
went to turn ignition, car wouldnt start. ignition light keeps blinking. after some time the car turns over, but the ignition light keeps blinking. -
My ignition thinks the key is still inserted even after I remove it. -
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