Chevrolet Aveo Problem Report

Chevrolet Aveo Key Stuck in Ignition Lock Cylinder

(64 reports)

The automatic transmission shifter may fail causing the ignition key to become stuck in the ignition lock cylinder.

Will not shift out of park without key in the shift lock release. Key would only come out of ignition by pushing shifter to the left when in park, but now the key is stuck and will not come out at all. Can not turn the car off completely, but can still drive it. -
key become locked in the ACC position will not turn off but am able to start and drive car -
car stuck in park, couldn't get key out of ignition. Had to insert key into lock release to shift out of park. -
Key gets stuck in ignition at various times -
I had the same issue in my 06. I removed shift cover/center console to find a broken spring dangling from the switch that determines position. Found a spare spring a little larger than a pen spring, used long needle-nosed pliers to attach it and viola! It's been working fine for 3 years! -
Sometimes the only way to get the key out is to take and push the shifter left into the PARK position. Even though it is all the way up, the shifter doesn't read it's in park, so will not let you take out the key until you push the shifter left. -
key stuck in ignition -
key won't turn to off position, gear shift lever release won't move, dash instruments won't work -
My key is stuck in the ignition. Can't shut the car completely off so I have to unplug the battery and just leave the key in the ignition -
car stuck in park, couldn't get key out of ignition -
This happened to me a day or so after I had pushed the car off the road. The owners manual said this could happen. Easily fixed by placing the key in the release located on the shifter. -
The key gets stuck in the ignition, as well, the brake lights don't work and when the car is put in park it cannot switch gears without the shift lock release. -
The same thing happened to me -
The problem has not been fixed yet. My key got stuck out of the blue. I had driven home and it literally just got stuck -
Key was stuck in run position... as in car was running and would not stop. I had to remove the fuel pump fuse. Dealer said it is the gear shift assembly not synching correct with the ignition switch... or something like that. $530 to fix! Ouch!! -
key cannot pull out when in the park shift. -
Key stuck in ignition. Only will release when shifter is pulled to the left. Can not release out of park without pressing on shift release button. -
I have to push down on my gear shifter and pull key out to get it released. -
I can only get my key out if I jiggle the gear shift. To fix it it will cost me $180. This happened immediately after I had to pay $2800 for repairs on the drivetrain. -
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